Posted on April 20, 2014

When <strong>Bridgette B</strong> went to see her buddy <strong>Abbey Brooks</strong> at her new place, it was hard to believe that her old party pal Abbey had settled down with a guy. But all the same, there she was with her new man Keiran Lee. Bridgette decided the only way to get the party started on the right foot, was with a tried and true classic, <q>truth or dare</q>. The <em>dares</em> started to get hot and heavy, and before long, Abbey and Bridgette were sharing Keiran's fat cock! They sucked and stroked that dick, and then once it was hard as a rock, they took turns riding their way to some intense orgasms. After they shared a nice load of Keiran's jizz all over their pretty faces, Bridgette B finally started understanding the appeal of settling down!

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